The road to the Little French Bakery has taken many turns. 

I’m an RN, BSN, MBA who followed a dream, went to Paris, and earned the Diplome to Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu. The courses spanned over two years. I loved my experience at Le Cordon Bleu. It was hard, tiring and very rewarding. Every time I’m back in Paris, I visit the school. The smells and sounds bring back such fond memories. I’m sure you’ll learn some of the tips and escapades from school as they sprinkle into my blogs.

My nursing career included working for a large medical software company (ok, it’s Epic), and traveling across the country for implementions and training. I love to travel. Whether it’s a few hours away to Door County, or across the globe, I’m ready for an adventure. Our trips always include a taste of the local foods. We love spice!

Please join me as I cook, bake, and explore the world of food, travel and life in general. As often as I can, I teach cooking classes here at the bakery, and also teach at other venues.

I really wish I could have met Julia Child. She made such an impact on cooking and cuisine in the U.S. Dorie Greenspan, a favorite author, is hosting French Fridays with Dorie and Baking with Julia. As one of the bloggers, I’m baking my way through the books with others around the world. I’ll be adding my blog link to hers. Stop by each week to see what’s new.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can here looking for an answer, I hope I've covered it in this quick link.  

It’s kind of fun to learn random things about a person. Here are a few about me…

I almost hopped on a plane and came home from Paris before class started due to a scammed cab ride, botched hotel reservation and nerves. So glad I stayed!

I LOVE school supplies. Deep down, I’m a combination kindergarten teacher and Broadway singer/dancer. A new pad of construction paper, pencils… I’m there! The later… well it’s just a dream. Can’t sing, and rarely dance. I took ballet in college, but I was too old to try toe shoes. That was ok.

I’m kind of afraid of horses. As a tall kid, I always go put on the biggest horse who’s only goal was to make a run for the barn. Horses are pretty, just with someone else riding them.

My favorite actresses are Gwyneth Paltrow and Meg Ryan. I don’t like scary movies, sad movies, or too much sci-fi. Give me a romantic comedy any day!

I play the piano and am trying to re-learn the french horn. I’ve played the piano since 2nd grade. I would love to take piano lessons again to keep up my skills. I don’t know if I’ll ever really play the French Horn again, but it’s such a great instrument. Who can resist the sound of the horn soaring over the orchestra?

I love the smell of subways (ok, we all know what that smell is… it just reminds me great trips). I love to shop (shoes, purses, cooking supplies…) Since we live in the country, our vacations are in busy, urban places.


Here's a snapshot of Susan and Denise taken by a guest on a recent trip to Paris.  Look at the beautiful October blue sky!


Susan Holding founded The Little French Bakery in 1999 in rural North Freedom, Wisconsin.  The studio is home to hands-on style cooking classes and Susan's commercial kitchen where she prepares special-order items.


Looking for a copy of my cookbook?  Here's a link to online sellers.




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