Frequently Asked Questions



What are your business hours?

Hours are by appointment only.  There is not a retail store.  If you're in the neighborhood and would like to stop by to say hi, just give us a call first.

Can we stop by and purchase some bakery items?

Please see #1.  There is not a retail store for bakery items.  All bakery goods are baked for special order.

Do you sell bakery items at any off-site locations?

From time to time, I've had my pastries at various locations.  At this time, I don't have any retail locations.  

What do you get out of here in the winter with the road?

The Town of Freedom plows our road and does a really good job.  Except for late one really stormy winter night, we've never really been snowed in for more than a few hours.  




What Kind of dogs do you have?

             Gabby (light) and Eddie (dark) are 1/2 German Shorthair + 1/2 Blue Heeler.  They were born 18 months apart to the same parents, making them kind of brother and        sister.