Basque Potato Tortilla - First French Friday with Dorie

It's delicious!  You would think one week before Valentine's Day, and with a chocolate event tonight, I'd be thinking about chocolate.   What a great way to start the day!

This is my first French Friday with Dorie post.  This week's recipe is Basque Potato Tortilla.  Don't let the tortilla part fool you.   It's a lovely room temperature omelet-like bruch recipe.   

I started the recipe early this morning to surprise Gary as he woke up.   The potatoes, garlic and onion smelled great as they melded together on the stove top.   I noted that the recipe called for room temperature eggs.  As a pastry chef, I know that a note like that can mean a big difference in the outcome.   I'm including a photo of the eggs in a stainless bowl, set over a bowl of warm water to bring them quickly to room temperature.  A little trick of the trade. 

Rosemary was an option.  I decided to use a little thyme instead of rosemary.   After the vegetables were complete I had a big decision.  Stainless cookware or non-stick?    Dorie mentioned using cast iron.  While I have a cast iron pan, I was way too chicken to make eggs on that surface.  Both skillets were out on the counter.   The non-stick was a sure thing, the stainless... hmmmm.    Ok, I wimped out and went with the non-stick.   It's a new pan with a diamond coating that makes cooking eggs a dream.   I promise to go back and try the recipe with the other surfaces.   This morning I wanted things to go smoothly.

I mixed the vegetables, eggs and herbs and followed the timing exactly.   The eggs puffed beautifully and were ready for the broiler. 

 Within a minute, the top was browned and the whole tortila slid easily on to the platter.   Success!

After about 45 minutes, I tasted the tortilla.   I really like quiche at room temperature.  The eggs and flavor of the herbs really comes out.  This was no execption.  The eggs were smooth, and potatoes, soft but not squishy.   With a salad and fruit, his will make the perfect winter day brunch.  

See you next Friday!  Now back to the world of chocolate...