Book Corrections and Updates

Hi everyone! The Little French Bakery Cookbook is finding its way to your homes. I'm having a wonderful time seeing you at signing events. It makes me so happy that you're reading the book and trying the recipes. Thank you! Oh how I wanted my book to be perfect. But guess what? Please say it isn't so. There are a few tweaks and corrections. If you've read the story, You're My Favorite Chicken, you've learned I'm from perfect. I tried, I really tried to get the recipes perfect. Lots and lots of eyes read and prepared the recipes and some goofs still snuck through. I'm trying to remain calm, and get you the corrections right way. It's so strange that many the corrections are related to flour.

Grab your copy (first edition.. Yay!) and here are some notes.

- On page 137, add 1 1/2 cups flour to the Kitchen Sink Cookie Recipe.

- On page 148, Perfect Birthday Cake. I transposed the numbers for the grams of flour. It should be 438 grams. This recipe make a lot of batter. Fill your three pans just over 1/2 full. If you have batter left over, you could make cupcakes!

- In the croissant recipe, the detremor should include 4 2/3 (595 gm) all-purpose flour

-On page 155, Marry Me Flourless Chocolate Cake, fold the flour ( or gluten free flour) into the chocolate mixture after you've stirred in the butter.

- Just a note about the Banana Cake. It's sweet, dense and similar to Banana Bread. It's very tasty, though some are finding the cake texture a surprise. Use yellow, not squishy ripe bananas and it won't be so sweet.

I'll keep you updated with any other changes. Thank you for your support and kindness.

A few readers have asked why there weren't any pictures of the resident pooches.  Mike and Heather Krakora of Krakora Studios took several when they were here.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Time with Gabby and Eddie

Gabby & Eddie


walking my dogs

Happy Thanksgiving to my USA readers!