Week 2 Langoustine with Armagnac & Spring Pea Soup

What a great week this has been.  Two delicious recipes once again.  

The the Spring Pea Soup, I was lucky enough to have three on the four suggested peas.  I shelled the peas and had this sudden memory flash of doing this before.  It occurred to me that when I was about four years old and visiting my grandma and grandpa, I had been sitting on her back steps shelling peas.  It's amazing to me had smells and tastes can trigger such vivid memories.  

I also remembered being in France with a group of friends.  We attended a demo at Le Cordon Bleu one morning.  The Chef, carefully prepared ingredients and simmered them, passed them through a sieve, then discarded what we thought he was preparing, saving the liquid for a garnish to the other ingredients on the plate.  All that careful preparation for a few tablespoons of liquid gold.  I was reminded of that day as I prepared the bacon, then added it to the soup, simmered then removed and discarded it.  What?  There was a reason, and a delicious one, I might add.

I love peas in a pod.  I'm attracted to jewelry resembling peas in a pod, little felt peas in a pod, or other drawings & photos.  I like to say "two peas on a pod".  It's happy, friendly and sweet.  I found a particularly cute pod with nice peas, and decided to take it's photo.  Just artsy-fartsy, but peas in a pod, looking especially pretty.  

My Vita-mix and I went to work pureeing the peas and broth.  It was such a pretty shade of spring green, and tasted so good that I decided to chill it, freeze it, and use it for an upcoming dinner I'll be helping with.  Sorry I don't have a finished photo for you, but trust me, you'll want to make this soup.  

Langoustine with Armagnac

Moving on to the second recipe for this week.  Langoustine with Armagnac.  Say that five times really fast!  I hit the jackpot at the grocery store.  I rounded the corner to the meat department where there is a bit of seafood.  There before me were giant prawns. Frozen and just what I needed.  I cut them in half as the recipe suggested and had enough for supper for three. 

The broth is steamy and a nice accompaniment for a baguette.  Our copper pan went from stove top to oven, to table.  I served the prawns from the copper pan on to our dinner plates.  This would be wonderful late fall or winter dish too.  Paired with a light salad and pretty white wine.  I used Vouvray.    I was so excited to eat the meal, I completely forgot to add and flame the Armagnac.  It was SO good.  This one is definitely a one for the keep file!


The two books can be found at your local library or favorite bookstore.  Grab a copy and join the fun!

Until next week,

Peace, love, and dessert,